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    News — Simple fall dinner

    Aomori Food - More Than Just Apples!

    Aomori Food - More Than Just Apples!

    Every once in awhile the Japanese markets of Southern California do regional food fairs, featuring the many delicious foods from different parts of Japan. This past weekend it was Aomori's turn at Marukai Gardena.

    We admittedly went a little crazy, picking up a basket full of goodies:

    ○ Shijimi (freshwater clams)
    ○ Saba (mackerel)
    ○ Handmade apple candy
    ○ Apple juice
    ○ Yakiniku sauce w/apple
    ○ Sesame apple dressing

    (Many of the products we chose were related to the famous Aomori apple, but we also picked up some seafood - freshwater clams and my personal favorite fish, saba.)

    We incorporated these foods into our next home cooked meal:

    Homecooked "Aomori" dinner

    ○ Broiled saba with lemon and daikon oroshi (grated radish)
    ○ Miso soup with shijimi.
         - We prefer a heavy red miso. Just add in the clams as you prepare the broth.
    ○ Garden salad with sesame apple dressing
    ○ Kabocha nimono (simmered Japanese pumpkin)
         - Tip: Don't keep the kabocha on the heat too long, or it gets mushy fast. After bringing the kabocha to a boil in the dashi, ~5min on medium heat is probably all you need. 
    ○ Rice

    With addition of the miso soup and Japanese pumpkin, this is a very simple and delicious dinner for cozy fall nights. 

    What's your favorite homecooked meal? Leave us a comment below!